delivering profitability

Delivering Profitability is more than just a marketing slogan. At Iscar Plus it encompasses our goals, company ethos and mission into one simple statement. The concept of delivering profitability is the driving force behind what separates us from our competition and defines exactly what we do for our customers.


Iscar Plus is the only cutting tool supplier that offers a unique combination of state of the art cutting tools and solid real world machining advice. All of our sales engineers have extensive backgrounds in mechanical engineering, thus giving them superior insight into how to maximise efficiency when milling or turning. Our tooling range is built around the philosophy of performance, productivity and ultimately profitability.


At Iscar Plus we believe that productivity is the backbone of profitability. Accordingly we apply our tooling and superior machining strategies to our customers jobs, which inevitably yields a significant reduction in completion time.


In the cutting tool industry, suppliers often want to take your money; we want to make you money. If your business needs a solid proven supplier of cutting tools with a vested interest in delivering profitability to your business, then get in touch with one of our sales engineers today.


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