A Fresh Look at Turning

A Fresh Look at Turning

In many turning applications, people tend to use larger inserts than are actually needed. As it turns out, the most popular depth of cut is between 1 to 3mm. It stands to reason, therefore, that small-sized inserts could be used. This has been tried before, but those smaller inserts were also thinner and less stable.

Most machinists like to use strong inserts for security but in 80% of jobs only a small part of the insert is used. So IMC engineers took a fresh look at this problem and came up with a new concept: “Why not make a small insert that is the same thickness as current inserts?”

To fill the niche, Iscar introduced a wide range of ISOTURN small-sized inserts, which are less costly than a full-size insert. -FLASH TURN.

The new inserts are available in a wide range of geometries, corner radii, new chip-formers, and the most advanced SUMO TECH carbide grades.

The available geometries are WNMG 0604.., WNMG 06T3.., WNMX 0606.., CNMG 0904.., CNMX 0906.., SNMG 0904.., DNMG 1104.., TNMG 1304.., and TNMX 1606..

These inserts are thicker than the standard inserts of the same sizes, providing higher durability, and they can run at feed rates similar to the larger inserts of 4.76mm.

We introduced these inserts in 2013 and performance results have them machining better than their larger counterparts at less cost!

There you have it, the new FLASH TURN inserts from ISCAR, or RHINO TURN from Taegutec, featuring smaller size inserts with same thickness, giving superior strength at more economical pricing.

Do more with less!