Iscar Plus Training Seminars recognised by COMPETENZ

Iscar Plus is proud to announce its training seminars are now recognised by COMPETENZ


In a New Zealand first, Iscar Plus has become the only tooling supplier to engage with COMPETENZ to gain recognition for learning that is provided through in-house training seminars. COMPETENZ manages training and trades apprenticeships throughout New Zealand, and is an authority on furthering the education of those working in New Zealand’s trade sector.
In early 2016, Iscar Plus approached COMPETENZ with the idea of gaining recognition for apprentices for training completed through the Iscar Plus training seminars, to assist apprentices towards assessment for Unit Standards in Milling, Hole-Making, and Turning.Iscar Plus Training Seminar
COMPETENZ recognised that the content of Iscar’s three training seminars was to such a standard that they held the potential to be formally recognised as providing underpinning knowledge, and thereby could be used as supporting evidence towards assessment of specific machining Unit Standards.
After evaluating Iscar’s training seminars, COMPETENZ agreed that attendance and completion of the three courses on offer would assist apprentices in achieving their Unit Standards in Milling, Hole-Making, and Turning.
This is an achievement, as no other tooling provider in New Zealand offers COMPETENZ-recognised courses of training, within New Zealand.
Peter Ferguson, the Industry Manager for COMPETENZ, was integral to achieving this recognition: “The seminars that Iscar Plus provide are a very good source of training which supplies important underpinning knowledge to people who perform Turning, Milling, and Hole-Making operations in the workplace. Recognition of where these seminars fit into the training of an apprentice is important, and that is as supporting evidence towards the on-job assessment of specific Unit Standards.”
Iscar Plus operates at the forefront of the latest tooling developments and technology, which means it is in a unique position to pass on that knowledge to customers. This is done through non-profit training seminars, because we recognise the importance of keeping customers globally competitive.
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