Increase Workshop Efficiency With Matrix Systems

Increase Workshop Efficiency With Matrix Systems

Do you want to reduce tool handling costs? Cut down on handling, procurement, inventory, administration and increase workshop efficiency with the MATRIX, an electronic warehousing system. The MATRIX System is your total management system to control inventory, streamline purchasing and drive down costs. MATRIX combines the most innovative automated tool dispenser with MATRIX-TM, a powerful management software. Access to an item stored in MATRIX’s locked bins is electronically controlled by the management software according to pre-defined authorisations.

A&G Price, a Thames based foundry and engineering works, has recently installed their second MATRIX from Iscar Pacific. Initially specialising in the production of steam locomotives, the company has expanded into carrying out highly technical refurbishment work for industries such as hydroelectric power generation, mining and processing; as well as winning contracts on the ANZAC frigate and the America’s Cup campaigns in 1995 and 2000.

The MATRIX automatically reorders new tools by sending an email to Iscar Pacific, with tools delivered to you the next day.
Jake Tyrell-Baxter Machine Shop Manager, A&G Price

Seeing an opportunity to decrease machine and staff down time, A&G Price decided to install an electronic warehousing system to move away from manual stock control. After running a vending machine for years and finding that system lacking, A&G Price started the search for a product that would track and control their tooling spending and consumption through the reporting and statistics function, as well as monitor who has taken out the tools. ‘The old tool vending system sent us an email and then that would be hand written on a purchase req, passed onto the store man who turned it into a purchase order and it then got processed so a lot of double handling’ – Jake Tyrrell-Baxter, Machine Shop Manager.

The MATRIX has cut down this process, as well as providing Jake with reporting tools, and future proofing the A&G Price’s tool inventory systems ‘to the point where we could take tools and book tools through it as well, and have an open stock inventory on that front’ – Jake.  With the MATRIX system you can set minimum stock levels and the MATRIX will automatically reorders new tools by sending an email to Iscar Pacific, with tools delivered to you the next day.

Training is really easy for the guys to pick it up, it’s a dream.
Neil Goodman Owner, EG Whiter

Up in Auckland at the workshop of toolmaker, EG Whiter, owner Neil Goodman installed his MATRIX three years ago and hasn’t looked back. After becoming fed up with having tools kept in disarray in draws, the MATRIX was installed and now his workshop efficiency has improved because tools are in one place, always in stock and re-ordering is as easy as pressing a button. Training his staff was quick and straightforward ‘training is really easy so for the guys to pick it up it’s a dream, it’s just really easy for them, Iscar put the catalogue out there for me so they can use the barcode to scan it and also use their flybuys card or whatever they’ve got to log in, just a scan log in, just scan products, makes it really fast’ – Neil Goodman, EG Whiter. Employees now not only know exactly where the tool they need is and how to find it, but have also been empowered to learn for themselves about which inserts are which and the grade of each insert.

The MATRIX shows you what you’re spending, what you’re ordering and gives you stock value of the machine”,.
Chris Vincent CEO, RPM

A&G Price had their original MATRIX for two years and recently added their second one which has been installed to run seamlessly with the first. The MATRIX has also been able to integrate with the hardware from A&G Price’s first tool vending system. Flexibility is the key to any storage solution, and MATRIX excels. Drawer configurations can be swapped-in or out, and add-on cabinets are connected with a click of a cable. Multiple cabinets can be deployed in different locations and networked to run from one common database.

Tool and die manufacturer RPM make the most of their MATRIX when it comes to reporting. ‘The MATRIX shows you what you’re spending, what you’re ordering and gives you stock value of the machine’, RPM Chief Executive Chris Vincent. The reporting function of the MATRIX allows the administrators to access reports with the full transaction history by item, employee and cost code; and consumption statistics for better planning and cost reduction analysis. Reports and graphs can be viewed online or downloaded in XLS, XML, CSV or PDF formats.

The MATRIX has an easy to use interface with a large touch screen that allows the user to issue, return and administer items. The plug and play technology means that the MATRIX can be up and running quickly with little training required.

Why use a MATRIX in your machine shop?


    • Short distance to Point of Use, saving time to issue tools
    • 24/7 access to tools
    • Less warehouse handling
    • Automated ordering and inventory control.
    • Statistics and reports that allow you to control tool costs and consumption
    • Reduced purchasing and administrative costs
    • Minimized stock-outs and excess stock
    • No wasted time looking for missing tools
    • Ability to track tools and their usage
    • The right persons receive the right tools.


The Matrix is available now from Iscar Pacific through our CTMS specialist salesman. Call us now on 0800 808 477 for more information.