Score a Hole-In-One with Iscar

Over the years, ISCAR engineers have worked closely with customers and found that there is a growing need for flat bottom-hole applications. This type of application is popular for a screw head pocket as well as 90 degree spot facing and shouldering applications.

The common way to produce flat bottom holes is to drill a hole followed by a milling or turning operation. This machining cycle demands at least two or three tools as well as two different machining operations.

The new ISCAR FCP interchangeable drilling head has created a new technology by introducing a single tool that provides a flat bottom-hole shape. With the introduction of this revolutionary quick-change insert, ISCAR has eliminated several additional operations, consequently down-timing the procedure of flat bottom holes.

These drilling heads can be mounted on a standard SUMOCHAM holder. There is no need to buy an additional drill body, which makes upgrading the tool a fast and easy process.FCP DRILLING HEAD

The FCP drilling heads are designed with centre point geometry, enabling direct drilling capabilities by using a 5XD holder, although longer overhangs will demand pre-hole operations. The new drilling heads are available in 8 to 25.9mm diameters and in 0.1mm increments.

By eliminating the need for a pilot hole, the new drilling heads shorten machining cycle time and the number of tools required for the drilling operation. This can provide a substantial cost reduction.

In addition to the FCP drilling heads, ISCAR offers the new HCP geometry (patent pending) as first choice for machining ISO-P and ISO-K material groups. Now one drilling head can replace two other types, thus reducing the number of tools and stock items.

The major advantage of this product is its ability to penetrate the workpiece material quickly and efficiently. The drill’s unique nature is characterised by the ‘pin end’ insert geometry that assures a very steady entry into the workpiece material with a continuous smooth cut.

The new HCP drilling head can be mounted on any SUMOCHAM drill body featuring the appropriate pocket size.HCP DRILLING HEAD
The HCP drilling heads are made from IC908 TiAIN PVD nano layer coating grade and feature:

  • Increased peeling resistance
  • Higher wear resistance
  • Stable and predictable wear progression
  • Efficiency with MQL coolant
  • High surface quality
  • Extended tool life
    ISCAR has also introduced additional revolutionary drilling concepts: SUMOCHAM-IQ and CHAM-IQ-DRILL.SUMOCHAM

    These two families have a unique common cutting edge design that features concave sharp point geometry. ISCAR’s unique patented drilling head geometry reduces cutting forces at the penetration point of the initial drilling operation.

    The drilling head geometry allows the drill to work with long overhangs without the need for a pilot operation. This phenomenon reduces machining time and tool inventory.

    Drilling deep holes in cavities is no longer a barrier and has become substantially easier.

    ISCAR’s new method of drilling holes, and comprehensive thinking methods reduces costs and promises high productivity gains.

    For more information on ISCAR’s range of drilling solutions, contact one of our engineers by clicking here.