Spindle Speed up to 30,000 RPM!


Use it in your tool changer!

Iscar SPINJET Spindle

SpinJet is a Spindle speed-up device that can reach 30,000 RPM, and soon to be 40,000 RPM!

  • Driven by your machine’s coolant flow.
  • Can fit into your tool changer like any other tool.
  • Doesn’t require any special adaption to the spindle.
  • Doesn’t have any electric motors or cables.
  • Fits in the palm of your hand.

When compared to normal machining, the use of SpinJet delivers impressive machining time reductions of over 400%!

In addition to the CNC machine tools coolant driving SpinJet, it also maintains a cool cutting tool and improves the chip evacuation.



SpinJet’s design and compact size allows it to be conveniently stored in the machine magazine for regular ATC from where it can be called by the NC programme (as if it were another tool holder), and attached to the machine’s spindle with its tool holder.

The chosen cutting tool is simply clamped into the SpinJet by using an ER11 collet chuck of the relevant ER11 SPR… collet diameter.

To help users track spindle speed, the SpinJet uses a wireless RPM monitor that clearly displays all required real-time information, allowing instant machining parameters to be made. Thanks to the advanced RPM monitoring system, optimal feed rates can be determined to provide maximum yield.



Using the SpinJet guarantees high flexibility, enabling quick switching between jobs with their ATC, and most importantly, gives users the ability to perform all operations and HSM on a single CNC machine, small or big.


It’s truly plug and play…even a Swede could use it!