iCNC and Iscar Plus Bring the Party!

iCNC and Iscar Plus Bring the Party!

Grand Opening of the Centre for Excellence


New Zealand’s one and only all-encompassing training centre was officially opening on Thursday 20th August at the iCNC and Iscar Plus headquarters.

Clients from all over Auckland were brought together to enjoy good food, company, and machine demonstrations.
While the delicious smell of a Brazilian Barbecue filled the party marquee, guests were able to relax with a beer or two, and watch Iscar and iCNC staff showcase current jobs on the NXV1020A Machining Centre. In the adjoining room, information about the Iscar Plus Training Seminars was on display, with Power Points, workbooks, pamphlets, and flyers available for guests to leaf through.

We’d like to thank everyone who came along and made it such a great evening.

Holding a Grand Opening for the Centre of Excellence was partly an excuse to have a beer with our customers, but also to officially showcase the capabilities of Iscar Plus and iCNC.

Training has long been a focus of these two companies, but the decision was made to take it to the next level by creating the first nation-wide training centre with a focus on excellence. Excellence in teaching, tooling, and machinery, and especially excellence in the knowledge passed on to attendees. Everything at the Centre of Excellence is at the cutting edge: the machines are brand new, the tools are the latest from Iscar Plus, and the trainers are the best in the country.

Training seminars are open to all Iscar Plus and iCNC customers, but spaces are strictly limited.
For more information or to register, call 0800 808 477 or email marketing@iscar.co.nz.

Tech Centre Grand Opening
Tech Centre Grand Opening