What is the Doga RC20?

Revolutionise your machining with the cutting-edge DOGA RC20 Automation System, specially engineered for seamlessly loading and unloading CNC Machining Centres. Whether you’re operating a brand-new powerhouse or want to take an existing 3 or 5-axis machining centre to the next level, the DOGA RC20 is your ticket to elevated productivity and unrivalled efficiency.

Maximise Your Profit Potential

Gain the DOGA Advantage and witness a substantial reduction in production costs while experiencing a rapid return on investment. The RC20 isn’t just a machine; it’s a strategic leap towards a more lucrative and streamlined production process.


  • Compatible with both new and existing machining centres.
  • No need for air supply on the machine table.
  • Communication through M-function capability for seamless operations.
  • Enables machining of various part models without operator intervention.
  • Quick transition from one series to another for unparalleled adaptability.
  • Compact footprint with lateral or frontal loading.
  • Customisable RAL colour for specific elements at no extra cost.

Simplicity & Precision

Easy installation, startup, operation, and maintenance for hassle-free ownership.

Intuitive and ergonomic touch control panel for a user-friendly experience.

Excellent accessibility to the storage table for efficient loading/unloading.

Precise repositioning on the machine table, with an accuracy of up to 5 microns for each pallet or vice/pallet.

How Does it Work?

The Doga RC20 unit places a vice or fixture pallet into the machine tool at a fixed zero-point position.

Air is fed through the loading arm gripper and actuates the Zero-point base clamping system —eliminating the need for an internal air feed through the machine tool.

Following the completion of the machining cycle and the automated cleaning of the component, the RC20 receives an M Code command from the machine tool. This command initiates a precise unload and loading cycle. Once executed, the M-code command signals the machine tool to seamlessly repeat its machining cycle.

The RC20 unit runs a fixed cycle, eliminating the need for extensive programming. Its autonomy is independent of the machine tool’s control, ensuring efficiency and ease of use.

Seamless Integration for Maximum Impact


  • Suitable for new machines or retrofits on existing ones.
  • Communication is a breeze thanks to simple M-function information exchange between the RC20 system and your machining centre.
  • Installation and startup can be completed in just 2 days.


  • User-friendly for all operators.
  • Quick and easy learning curve without programming requirements.
  • Intuitive and ergonomic touch control panel.


  • Pneumatic cylinders with end-of-stroke sensors controlled by a single controller ensure high reliability and reduced maintenance operations.


  • The design and manufacturing of the DOGA RC20 automation system strictly adhere to the latest CE safety directives and standards.


What will be my monthly gains, and how many months are needed to recoup my investment if I equip my machining centre with an RC20 automation system?

Contact your dedicated DOGA technical sales representative for a personalised study using a specialised tool to calculate ROI. They will precisely quantify your earning potential based on your unique circumstances and production setup.

Does my machining centre need an “Automation Package” (preparation of the machining centre to receive an Automation system) to install the RC20 system?

No, the implementation of the DOGA RC20 system does not require an “Automation Package.” Our system is designed for easy installation, featuring:

  • Communication through M-function.
  • Optional automated side window installation provided by us.
  • Activation of the pneumatic base without the need for air supply on the machine table (no rotary joint required).