The Smooth Operator

Unique Robotic Solution in New Zealand for CNC Machines

Unlock Tomorrow’s Manufacturing with

The Smooth Operator

Meet The Smooth Operator, our cutting-edge collaborative robot (COBOT), the key to maximising your machine uptime and slashing downtime.
Tackle staffing shortages head-on and free up your team to focus on other tasks, say hello to a new era of efficiency, speed, and precision in machine tending.

Our Smooth Operator solution ensures that your machines will always be making parts unattended.

Fast Deployment

Increase your production hours and reduce downtime with a PLUG ‘n’ PLAY solution that does the work for you. The Smooth Operator can be deployed in hours, and run lights-out.

Fast Payback on Investment

Up with automation, down with product constraints

The Smooth Operator utilises a wrist mounted camera to recognise the shape of your component, no more laser cut templates or table pockets as part of your loading station. Enjoy seamless automation for batch runs of any size and components of any shape, ensuring a speedy ROI

Smooth Moves, Swift Results

How Does it Work?

First the Smooth Operator Uses a wrist guided camera to identify parts to be machined, determines the best way to pick them up and then places them in your CNC machine.

The machine tending software enables an external pneumatic switch to activate the cycle start button. Tower light sensors track the CNC machine’s status throughout the cycle. Upon completion, the robotic arm efficiently swaps the finished part with the next job, rinse and repeat until all your jobs are swiftly completed!


No, anyone can learn to set up and deploy/redeploy the smooth operator, it works very similarly to conversational CNC machine controls in that you outline movement zones and can pick sections of previous programs to use in future setups!

The Smooth operator is a Collaborative Robot, or COBOT for short, as such it has force sensors built into every joint, as soon as one of these sensors detects an anomaly (i.e. it bumps into something) it will pause to let you clear
the obstruction.

Not a problem, the Smooth Operator can open and close the door of your machine just as an operator would.

The Smooth operator can be programmed to drop finished parts into several places and configurations, such as onto a conveyer belt, into a bin, down a chute, It’s really up to you!